Our Curriculum

We follow the British Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) as our curriculum framework, providing a comprehensive kindergarten course. Our curriculum covers a wide spectrum of children’s needs from physical and health, emotion and social, language and intelligence to creativity and aesthetics. We embrace the Teacher-led Heuristic Teaching and Child-led Discovery Learning in our teaching philosophy to enhance the efficacy of learning under a nature-filled environment.

  • We value the learning opportunity and pleasant learning experience of every child.
  • We support a good curriculum design to provide learning and development opportunities to meet children’s individual needs and interests.
  • We uphold home-school cooperation to achieve the common goal of nurturing the holistic development of children.
  • We believe every child is unique and full of potential.
Curriculum Design

Our campus is equipped with a large outdoor area – a grassland, a treehouse and a garden. We take the British EYFS as framework and are inspired by the Project Approach of Reggio Emilia and its inquiry-based concept. With an aim to enhance learning motivation and stimulate all-round growth, we encourage children to self explore, discover problems, collate information, have interactive discussions, accept suggestions, learn how to distinguish and analyse and share accomplishments.

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